So instead of being a sane and rational human being and simply sitting back and enjoying my engagement, I made the mistake of visiting some really crappy websites that are meant to make you worry that you are wrong if you don’t spend at least $50K on your “special day”.

And then on the flip side, there are a bunch of indie bloggers who spent $200 on their entire wedding and eloped.

There has got to be a balance here somewhere- right? Trey and I talked about this as we talked about getting engaged.  It is important to both of us that we have a nice party with friends and family.  But I am so not about the frou-frou.

Luckily I found a great website a while back called A Practical Wedding.  And through the community there, I’ve found other blogs to keep me sane over the next 15 months.  I’ve linked to a few of my favorites on the sidebar.

On a personal note I think this is overwhelming me because I am an impatient person incapable of pacing myself, and because from the moment we became engaged I had people asking me what my colors would be for the wedding.  (!!!)

Anyway here is what we’ve already completed in terms of wedding planning (so these things I don’t have to worry about anymore, yay!)

-We picked a date and booked a venue for both the ceremony and reception.

-We drafted a guest list and are circulating to the parental units for comments, additions, etc.

-We have a caterer we really like within our budget and will hopefully book within the next month or so.

-I ordered cute Save the Date magnets from Vistaprint.com because I wanted to do something fun like that.

-I have a photographer in mind- waiting to hear back.

-I am 99% sure I have decided on dress color and style for bridesmaids  (black tea length dresses with white sashes)


3 responses to “Overwhelmed

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  2. I’ll try as best as I can to help you stay sane. I recommend a good bottle of red to assist in this sane-keeping.

    Welcome to wedding blog land. It’s effing crazy amazing.

  3. It’s been my experience that weddings in this area can cost between 10k and 35k, with a lot of room for movement around those numbers. I think most are around 20-30 and lovely.

    And staying sane is all about knowing what you want, and over padding your budget so that when something is more than you want it to cost, it’s not more than you budgeted for. We did this and blanket budgeted $1000 for a DJ and $500 for flowers and $2000 for a photographer – and found vendors under all of those numbers.

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