Time to quit being sporadic

Time to stop being a flaky blogger! There’s always tons to write about anyway… it’s just finding the time.

So, my college roommate is now sort of kind of engaged, which is cool and fun cause now I know someone else in real life who is dealing with being a practical person and trying to plan a wedding.  Of course, the wedding planning in my neck of the woods has come to a giant screeching halt.  This is due in part to my new job being my focus right now.

However, it’s mostly due to a) Trey finally realizing he’s not happy in his current job, and starting to seriously job hunt; and b) having bought the house this year, and having some additional unexpected expenses both related to the house and my earlier need for a new automobile, forking up 10 grand for a big wedding party seems… excessive and unreasonable.

So for right now, until the job situation for Trey and the overall household money situation stabilizes, wedding planning is completely and 100% on hold.  We shall see what happens.

The “wedding planning on hold” thing bugs me only slightly, and not because I always daydreamed about my wedding.  Nope, it’s because I just don’t like the uncertainty.  I want to know one way or another: are we having the big fancy wedding, or are we just going to end up eloping? I’m fine with either (and actually leaning more towards the latter most days!).  I just want to know either way.


4 responses to “Time to quit being sporadic

  1. Hey there,
    I have seen more & more backyard weddings & they are great! Don’t need to go through all that expense for one day unless it is your absolute dream. Good place for a wedding dress is Juliet’s Bridal or David’s Bridal if you are going to do the traditional dress. Went to a wedding this summer where everyone brought a covered dish. It was the one before we came to the family reunion & it was great. The bride & groom supplied a pig–pulled pork would have been just as fine. When you are ready you will know what direction to go in. Wouldn’t cheat your folks out of seeing you get married though–it is a proud day for them.

  2. waiting for the wedding and waiting to plan the wedding is really hard. i definitely get this. just hang in there. i remember being so impatient about when we would start wedding planning, that as soon as i got knee deep into it i was ready for a break. haha!

  3. woo! we’re in it together!

    everyone is kinda teasing me because we’re still like 18 months out from the actual date we want, but we’ve basically got the venue picked, the food, etc. etc. because I hate not knowing what’s going on, haha. Even if it ends up being something completely different, I feel better because I have a plan 😛

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