The Ring Thing

Inspired by yesterday’s A Practical Wedding post about authenticity and engagement rings, I’ve decided to share the story of my/our engagement ring (with pictures.)

When we first starting talking about getting engaged, I heard tidbits here and there about a family heirloom diamond.  I had no idea what to expect.  I generally think of myself as fairly down-to-Earth in terms of my personal style, so I knew I wanted something classic-looking.  However I knew that Trey wanted to surprise me, and so I was not involved in the engagement ring process whatsoever (totally fine by me!)

The diamond in my engagement ring originally belonged to Trey’s great-grandmother, Louise R. (or “Mimi”, pictured below with her husband and Trey’s great-grandfather Christian R.)  I love looking at this picture because, even though she died many years ago, I feel connected to her in an amazingly transcendent way when I look closely at the image and see the diamond ring on her finger.

Christian and Louise

The diamond, after Louise passed away, made its way into a necklace worn by Trey’s maternal grandmother.  Early this spring, Trey and his grandmother talked and his grandmother gave Trey the loose diamond.  At which point he took it to a jeweler and had it placed into a platinum four-prong band.

The Ring

When I look at this ring now I’m overcome by emotion.  Not only by the love that Trey and I share and the hopes and dreams that we’ll build our future upon, but also by the fact that I’m part of something larger than just myself.  Larger than just us.  I feel like I’ve gained a new family in Trey’s mom and dad, brother, aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins.  Thinking about all of them, and thinking about my own family and the close bonds we all share… it makes my heart swell with love and emotion.

This means so much more to me than I can put into words.


4 responses to “The Ring Thing

  1. Samantha Roberson


    What a wonderful story and connection you have with your future husband’s family! I really appreciate family pieces being shared in such a way. My engagement ring contains 1 of the 2 diamonds that were part of my paternal grandmother’s 25th anniversary ring. I feel that same connection that you describe and I think about one day (many years from now 🙂 ) passing it on to one of my children.


  2. Congratulations.

    That’s the best possible way to go, I think. A friend of mine recently bought his fiance an engagement ring made of onyx, which looks absolutely tacky and not even like an engagement ring. Classic is classic for a reason, and people who try to get cute or unusual nearly always fail.

    Your ring looks great.

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  4. i think it’s the whole “omg, we’re a unit” feeling that we get. we have such strong feelings for one person and having something tangible to tie that with (whether it’s platinum, gold, plastic, or tin) is just so so special.

    p.s. it’s a beautiful ring.

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