(Sort-of, Kind-of) Wedding Planning (and Life) Update

Baby Kiwi under her first (artificial) Christmas tree

Which is to say, we have done nothing and it’s been nice.  This week has kicked our butts between work, extracurricular activities, holiday parties and the daily grind of a commuting household.

Things I have accomplished, related to the wedding:

  • Emailed my mom and future MIL to figure out a time in January when we are all available to go dress shopping.  *gulp*
  • Looked at invitations on etsy that are out of my price range.

Other things I have accomplished in my personal life this week:

  • Planning out what to buy people for the holidays
  • Taking advantage of online sales and buying crap for myself instead
  • Ordering our holiday cards online from Vistaprint
  • (over the course of the week) Finishing a bottle of Riesling

Upcoming exciting things:

  • Tomorrow we are going with Trey’s parents to cut down a real live tree to stick in our house.  This will be the most time, money and effort I will have ever put into a glorified cat toy.
  • My good friend Chrissy’s annual tree trimming party is also tomorrow afternoon.  I have informed Trey of my long-standing policy not to decorate our tree until after Chrissy and her husband and daughter have already decorated theirs!
  • Sunday is family portrait time at the volunteer fire department near my parents’ house.
  • Next weekend is a mini-vacation getaway to Cumberland with some good friends.

Oh right, and the Ravens are going to kick some Steelers ass this Sunday night!


One response to “(Sort-of, Kind-of) Wedding Planning (and Life) Update

  1. Ah the buying crap for myself instead dealio at Holiday time…been there, done that. DIY invites were really not as bad as everyone said that they would be – just get them printed and cut somewhere else, and that takes care of it.
    I highly recommend the Columbia Bridal Boutique or the Alfred Angelo store – both staffed by friendly people and carry a range of dress sizes, not just size 8s. Also have dresses in a wide array of price ranges, and are higher quality than David’s Bridal dresses.

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