Saturday = Most Productive Wedding Planning Day So Far

Yesterday was by far the most I have checked off the to-do list in my brain in a single day.

The day started with another trip out to Hagerstown to have my final measurements taken and to pay the balance on my dress.  So it has finally, officially been ordered and is scheduled to arrive sometime in July.  This was the 3rd time I’d tried on this dress so this time around we decided to play around with headbands and hair flowers to see what looked good with what.

Crystal headband

Trying on a hair flower

After trying on both of these and seeing how they looked, I decided to go with my original idea of using real flowers (provided by my florist) to decorate my hair.  How I will actually end up doing my hair, is another long post for down the road.

While I was there and in my dress, I decided to try on shoes to see what height, style, etc. worked best.  Since the ceremony is going to be outdoors I figured a heel wouldn’t work.  My consultant brought me a pair of wedge sandals that are only 1 3/4 ” high, and are dyeables, so if I can have them dyed to match the bridesmaid dresses if I so choose! Which of course would mean, it would be easier to wear them again.

the shoes

So after the dress and the shoes were ordered, I got home and was feeling inspired to get more things done.  Even though we had designed our invitations a while back, I hadn’t gotten around to ordering them yet.  So one quick online shopping trip later, invitations (as well as placecards) are ordered!

Also waiting for me in yesterday’s mail was the bridal registry book from Bed Bath & Beyond, so Trey and I took some time to flip through it and start to think ahead a bit about registering.  I think we’ll do Target and Bed Bath & Beyond- and will probably go to the store in-person to register sometime in the next couple of weeks.

FINALLY just before dinner, we met with a potential photographer and decided to hire him.  So yet another thing crossed off the list!

All-in-all Saturday was so productive that I’ve decided that I can take another break from the wedding planning.  Especially because I’m starting to focus on the planning for our little home improvement project for our back patio that we’ll be working on soon.  I can’t wait.  Here’s a “before” picture of what our patio looks like now:

needs some improvement


One response to “Saturday = Most Productive Wedding Planning Day So Far

  1. Yay! Happy you are getting things done, and the shoes/hair stuff is such a load off the mind. Also, hooray for invites!

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