The Dilemma of Wedding Flowers

Not really a dilemma per se.  Just my overall lack of knowledge regarding all things floral.  Prior to beginning the wedding planning process, I basically knew what a rose looked like, and what a daisy looked like, but not much else.

Thanks to Ellie’s recommendation, I found a very kind (and very patient!) florist who was willing to sit with me for an hour while I poured through book after book of wedding flowers, learning about colors, types and so on.  Thankfully my future mother-in-law, who keeps a fantastic garden at her home, also accompanied me and was helpful in explaining even more about flowers.

I had a rough color scheme in mind, and was able to solidify it more so by looking at what was available and making decisions that way.  I wrote down all the types of flowers that I had identified for my bouquet so that I could find pictures online and create a collage in Picasa.  The more and more I look at this collage, the easier it becomes to visualize what my flowers will actually look like:

bridal bouquet flowers

The bridesmaid bouquets will be similar, but with less purple and more green/white (since their dresses will be purple.)  Centerpieces will involve the same flowers but also add a bit more burgundy and rusty colors due to the color scheme of the inside rooms.

Overall the experience in selecting the wedding flowers wasn’t as painful as I had feared.  And I’m very excited to see how everything will turn out!


2 responses to “The Dilemma of Wedding Flowers

  1. I really like the ones in the lower right corner. They look like cucumber slices (and hey, if you’re looking to cut costs, i’ve got a sharp knife….)

  2. I knew nothing about flowers going into planning either. Thank goodness for patient florists and the internet! The ones you’ve picked look gorgeous!

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