Creating our wedding registries

On Sunday morning, Trey and I got up and drove to the Crate & Barrel in Towson for their monthly “Wedding Party,” in which registering couples have the store completely to themselves for a couple of hours to start, add to or complete their wedding registries.  Can I just say what a great idea this is? Every store should try to do something like this for couples who are about to register for thousands of dollars worth of merchandise at the store.

I knew that I wanted us to register at Crate & Barrel (as well as Target), so I had already created a registry online and browsed around for ideas, but hadn’t added anything.  I knew I wanted to actually be able to see and touch things to get even more ideas.

A little background: Trey and I both lived on our own prior to living together, so we do have a lot of household things already.  However, it turns out when you’re single you don’t really need things like a food processor, a 12 inch skillet or a dozen wine glasses.  And given how much we’ve opened our house up lately to entertain, we want these things to be able to entertain even more in the future.

The process of registering was actually a bit more fun than I thought it would be.  I was hesitant to register for any big-ticket, expensive items like furniture.  However, because C&B offers a 10% completion discount on leftover registry items after the wedding, and because we need a larger dining room table, we bit the bullet and registered for a dining room table and chairs to match.  Other than that, we registered for pretty typical stuff: formal and everyday dinnerware, lots and lots of different types of glasses, and some nice Calphalon pans.

Compared to the C&B registry, the Target registry we’ve actually been able to mostly do online so far.  Our Target registry is full of a few more kitchen items as well as our “fun” stuff (Wii, Roomba, camping stuff).  We’ll most likely be going to the store in-person to finish it up sometime in the next few weeks.

Then, one more thing has been checked off our to-do list and we keep marching forward to October 22!


2 responses to “Creating our wedding registries

  1. I still kind of wish I’d gone to one of those things, since we registered at C&B… but I was lazy (and D is even more so!), so we did it all online. I want the complimentary heart-shaped bowl! 🙂

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