Dear House:

Dear House,

Today marked the one year anniversary of us signing our way through that huge stack of papers so that we could officially call you ours.  This year has gone by very fast! We planned to celebrate with homemade calzones and a bottle of wine, but seeing as how we both woke up this morning feeling like death (thanks, sinus/head cold!) instead we ordered Indian food for dinner and watched old episodes of Psych while imbibing copious amounts of water, vitamins and Nyquil.

And it reminded us that it took far less than one year for you to stop feeling like just a house, and to feel more like a home.

Here’s to the next couple years.

Your (patient but) happy owners,

T & M


2 responses to “Dear House:

  1. Love it! Take out and tv seems like a great celebration!

    Feel better!


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