Farmer’s Market Cooking Class

For a joint birthday present, Trey’s mom signed us up for the Farmer’s Market Cooking Class hosted by Chef Jerry Pellegrino of Corks Restaurant. Corks is actually in our neighborhood and we’ve always heard good things but had never had the chance to give it a try.

The Farmer’s Market Cooking Class was overall a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. The purpose of the class is to teach you how to make meals out of ingredients you can find at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market. It really appealed to my strong desire to eat and shop more on a local level. Also… I am a slacker for living in Baltimore as long as I have and never actually gone to this particular market.

We met with Chef Jerry and the other 8 members of the class on Sunday morning at 7 am by the Zeke’s coffee stand, then spent about an hour walking around the market while the Chef picked out a bunch of ingredients. Then we headed back to the restaurant and cooked a four-course meal.

Here WAS the first course!

The first course was a frittata with 3 different kinds of mushrooms, bacon and goat cheese. The eggs, mushrooms and bacon all came from the Farmer’s Market. Trey really enjoyed it and said the flavors all mixed together very well. I unfortunately did not partake due to the bacon šŸ˜¦ It was topped with a hollandaise sauce that we made in the class.

The second course was a salad made of about 4-5 different varieties of heirloom and cherry tomatos, and green beans (all from the market) along with a basilĀ vinaigretteĀ (the fresh basil was also from the market).

The main course was a herb and breadcrumb encrusted pork loin (pork was from the market) on a bed of greens with roasted beets and corn.Ā This is a picture of Trey’s dish, as mine obviously contained everything BUT the pork on top. The roasted beets were actually really delicious, as was the corn. Everything on this plate (aside from the olive oil and the breadcrumbs used for the pork) is from the Farmer’s Market.

Then there was a delicious baked apricot dessert which I ate so fast, I didn’t get a picture of- oops!

Overall, this was a fun cooking class and it inspired me to walk around the Farmer’s Market and get ideas for potential meals. Also every vegetable I saw looked amazing and made me drool.

There were really only a few issues. Ā The first being that, as a vegetarian, I seldom really get out of cooking classes what I want to. The second issue is that I am sort of dumb about cooking and this class was not really for beginners, although I had a lot of fun.

Of course, then I return to the reality that I live in a household with one vegetarian and one “meat-and-potatoes” eater and I realize that all the cooking classes in the world won’t make that mesh, hahahaha!



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