The Magical Dress

(Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Body)

Which is somewhat of a misnomer because I’m still learning this, and it’s a lesson that needs to be repeated multiple times.  And also because I never really stop worrying, haha.

Last night was my 1st wedding dress fitting, and it both was and wasn’t what I expected all rolled into one experience.  This fitting had been a benchmark in my mind for a long time.  Even though I’ve joined a gym and have been working with a trainer for months, I stayed away from scales and stayed away from clothes shopping.  “The 1st dress fitting,” I told myself “will be a sign of my success.”  I secretly hoped my size 16 dress ordered back in April would need alterations, because that meant that I was dropping weight and getting close to my goals.

Instead, the dress fit my body just as perfectly as it did back in April, hugging every curve and looking like it was meant for me alone.  And as happy as I am to have found such an amazing dress, I couldn’t help but listen to the little voice of disappointment in the back of my brain.  “You’ve failed,” it said.  “You’ve spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars and aren’t any smaller than you were before.”

But then I took a second look at myself.  I remembered what really mattered- getting married to an amazing man, and looking fabulous even in my size 16 body.  I thought about the fact that the majority of my work-outs have been strength training.  I saw the muscles developing in my arms that weren’t there before.  I felt strong.  I felt healthier.  I looked fantastic in this dress.

So who cares what size it is? It’s perfect for me and that’s what matters.  No alterations needed!


5 responses to “The Magical Dress

  1. That looks great, Melissa! I love it and it is very slimming, plus your arms are tiny, and I hate you for that.

  2. I think you should post more pictures of your lovely night. The internet will thank you. 😛

    Also, who cares what size you are when you can punch someone out? Strength training = investment for the future. Clothes sizes aren’t a competition. You look great.

  3. So I know you’ve already come to this conclusion by yourself, but for what it’s worth you look absolutely radiant and I think your quest to be healthier shows in your face and your demeanor. I’m SO excited to be a part of your special day and I cannot wait to see you all done up in the dress for real!

  4. you look BEAUTIFUL, lady. the flower goes perfectly with your dress, but just YOU look beautiful.

  5. Wow, you look gorgeous! And your dress fits you like a dream! Who cares what the tag says–you and that dress are clearly a winning combo!

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