the “to-do” list is shrinking

There are 25 days left until our wedding and the “To-Do” list is definitely small at this point.  I’ve found that my mental focus has honed in on what’s left and increasingly, the reality of the whole wedding day becomes more… real… in my brain.  It’s easier and easier to visualize the full day itself and not just the little details that have been our focus so far.

With that said, here is the remaining items on our list of things to do:

  • The RSVP cut-off is Friday. There are 11 people who have yet to respond so starting then we’ll be following up with them. Final head count is due to the caterer on October 7th, and the florist needs to know by October 3rd the final number of tables for centerpieces.
  • We’ve got to review the ceremony one last time with our officiant just to make sure we’re all good with everything- but really at this point it’s minor tweaking of the language.
  • Still need to pay the photographer and then confirm final details with him (although I’ve already sent him our requested shot list and timeline.)
  • We have a draft seating chart that will need to be finalized once all the RSVPs are in.
  • And, final payment to the caterer is due on October 12th.

Other than that, I’ve got appointments booked for a facial, massage and eyebrow wax at my favorite spa.  I still need to book an appointment to get my nails done the day before the wedding. And the only other little detail I can think of right now is that I need to get gift bags for the bridesmaids gifts.

Am I missing anything obvious? Are there little details that snuck up on you at the last minute that I should be prepared for?


One response to “the “to-do” list is shrinking

  1. you’re handling everything marvelously! good work.

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