staring down “wedding week”

It’s finally here.  Today is Monday and on Saturday, I’m getting married.

I wrote the above sentence and then proceeded to stare at it for a few minutes because I’m not sure where to go from there.  Logically, I can look at the calendar and see that the 22nd is, in fact, this weekend.  There are just a handful of days left. In my brain, I know this.

I guess I’m surprised by the sort-of lack of emotion I’m feeling right now.  Obviously, I’m excited- but it feels muted as I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  My to-do list is complete (although Trey still has one or two things on his) so at this point I’m just handling the various small dramas and last-minute requests for information that are popping up here and there.

I am going to try very hard as the week goes on to focus more on the happy, and do my best to be present throughout all of this.  Right now it’s hard to see the big picture.  I’m hoping for some “wedding zen” as the day itself approaches.


3 responses to “staring down “wedding week”


  2. I’m damn impressed that your to-do list is done. Seriously.

    • I say it’s done but there are still little things popping up here and there. And the wedding isn’t very DIY or anything (not a crafty bone in my body) so I think that’s part of why there aren’t as many last-minute things to do?

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