On Honeymooning

In my little moleskine notebook, I made notes about what we did during our honeymoon- the places we visited in Florence (Uffizi Gallery, il Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Boboli Gardens) and what we ate (ravioli, farfalle, pizza, gelati, etc, etc, etc) but it doesn’t quite capture how it all FELT.

A honeymoon is clearly an entirely different travel experience from any other, and in a certain sense it wouldn’t have mattered where we had gone.  We still would have the hundreds of moments of just looking at each other and saying “oh wow- we got married!”.  The honeymoon is a way to escape from the real world so that you can have just a few days to wander around with your new spouse, in a new city, and just transition softly together into marriage.

And for us, that was definitely important- to spend our first week being married just enjoying being.  No work, or chores, or other everyday obligations.  It gave us a space to breathe and to begin to process that the wedding was over and our lives together were truly beginning in a different and deeper way than before.

It was also an unforgettable vacation.  Florence is a beautiful city, brimming with Renaissance history beyond comparison, and it was nice to finally be able to put my 5 years of Italian lessons from high school and college to some use!


2 responses to “On Honeymooning

  1. Rachel once posted about how she felt like you could see a difference in her smile before Johnny died vs afterwards, even in photos where she was very happy. Ever since that post I’ve started to look for the life in people’s smiles, and I’ve been noticing it in pictures of my own.

    I can tell in your photos how genuinely happy you are in these photos, and for what it’s worth, I think your face reveals a lot in photos. You’re a lot like me in that no matter what the emotion, it’s all over your face, which I think is a good and honest quality. (Never trust a friend who has a great poker face)

    So glad your trip was so wonderful. Can’t wait to see you!

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