zombie week

The week leading up to our wedding is what I now like to refer to as “Zombie Week”.  I’m pretty sure that I was in a complete catatonic state that entire week, and my super chill husband was stressing as well over the last minute details.

I had trouble falling asleep the entire week leading up to the wedding.  I was tired, but as I lay in bed, my body would just not cooperate and insomnia set in.  It took hours for me to fall asleep, only to wake up halfway through and have trouble falling back asleep again.

And then there was the night, about 3-4 days before the wedding, of the chirping.  We kept hearing this occasional “chirping” coming from downstairs around 11 o’clock at night, and went down to look at our alarm system.  We were so out of it that it took us about an hour (including time spent googling our alarm system for troubleshooting, and nearly pulling the damn thing apart) before we realized that it was actually NOT the alarm system making noises as us… and was in fact our smoke detector letting us know that the battery was dead.

Two days before the wedding, Trey had a mini-meltdown when he couldn’t find an address to pick something up, had a migraine and got a parking ticket.  So I booked him a last-minute massage for the day before the wedding, and had my own massage the night before his.

Slowly we were beginning to emerge from zombie-land and beginning to transform into bride & groom… more on that to come.


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