holiday party planning

Trey and I are hosting a holiday party at our home this Saturday for about a dozen or so of our friends.  In order to manage my work stress this week, I have obsessed over the menu.  Here’s what I’m planning to serve (Ellie & Kate, avert your eyes if you want to be surprised!):




  • Christmas Cranberry Punch (which will be served in a real punch bowl!) (Can you tell I’m stupidly excited about using wedding gifts finally?)
  • Red & White Wine- TBD but we’ll basically open some of what we already have
  • Hot Tea & Coffee as requested

4 responses to “holiday party planning

  1. SO excited! I love your spinach and artichoke dip!!!

  2. Yum! We are having a holiday potluck next Friday and I still haven’t decided what to make. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. WOWZA.

    That looks AMAZING!! Yay wedding gifts!

  4. This menu looks fantastic!! How did the Cranberry Punch turn out? I need a recipe for a holiday party of ours this weekend, and your recipe looks great, but I’m wondering how it turned out with the wine as the base?

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