at the venue, waiting for things to get started


We climbed out of the limo.  It was a somewhat brisk but nice morning, and the sun was peaking further and further out from behind a few small, scattered clouds as the minutes ticked by.

I had wondered if arriving at 9 am for an 11 am ceremony would mean I’d be sitting around, bored and anxiously watching the clock, but we had just enough to keep all of us preoccupied.

At 9 am, when my bridesmaids and myself arrived, the photographer was waiting for us, as was the florist.  I got to see and smell my beautiful bouquet for the first time.  I still think about our flowers and I smile.  They turned out so, so lovely.

Once the ladies got situated with their bouquets, we spent about 10-15 minutes with the photographer taking various formal portrait shots of the group, and me with the individual bridesmaids.

Then the photographer grabbed me for about 10 minutes and took some shots of just me.  I remember yelling across the gardens for my sister K. to check my phone to see if Trey’s brother had called (we weren’t going to see each other before the ceremony so I needed to head indoors as soon as Trey, his brother and parents were near.) The photographer was incredibly flexible and patient, and took some great photos during a short period of time.

Soon we had official word that Trey and his family were about 5 minutes away, so I headed back inside.  While these handsome fellas had their pictures taken…

… I alternated between hanging out in the bridal suite

observing the final touches to the reception area

and greeting family members and friends who snuck back to say hi to me before things got started

Meanwhile, guests were gathering outside and 11 am was fast approaching…

Next up: The Ceremony 

All photographs (except for the obvious self-portrait) courtesy of Greg Sileo Photography.


2 responses to “at the venue, waiting for things to get started

  1. Mel, so lovely. My favorite photo is your self-portrait. And the black and white photo of you hugging a senior gentleman relative. And the one of the uniformed young man talking with a senior relative sitting on a bench waiting for the ceremony to start. Blessings and joy to you and yours. Sincerely, Debra Condren

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