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holidays scenes

Like a lot of people I’m sure, this time of year is stressful for me.  There’s a lot more commitments from both family and friends and professional colleagues.  I find myself trying to create that joyful experience that I’m supposed to be feeling.  My home is decorated. We’ve entertained friends. Gifts have been exchanged in the office.

But I still find that it’s not really until just a couple days beforehand that everything starts to come together a little bit.  I start to feel more of the seasonal spirit.


Update on the Leaky Roof

Yesterday, a contractor came out and took a look at our roof.  The main problem (water leaking into the bedroom through our ceiling fan) was caused by the material around our chimney being blown off from Hurricane Irene.  The contractor also took a look at the sealant on the edges of the roof of our laundry room addition at the back of the house.  Then he gave us a quote to fix both.

Thankfully, the quote was less than our $1,000 deductible on our homeowner’s insurance.  Now we’re just waiting for a callback from the roofer to schedule the actual repair- which should take maybe a day and a half to do.

Dear House:

Dear House,

Today marked the one year anniversary of us signing our way through that huge stack of papers so that we could officially call you ours.  This year has gone by very fast! We planned to celebrate with homemade calzones and a bottle of wine, but seeing as how we both woke up this morning feeling like death (thanks, sinus/head cold!) instead we ordered Indian food for dinner and watched old episodes of Psych while imbibing copious amounts of water, vitamins and Nyquil.

And it reminded us that it took far less than one year for you to stop feeling like just a house, and to feel more like a home.

Here’s to the next couple years.

Your (patient but) happy owners,

T & M

The Patio- It Is Done.

We finished just in time for the big cook-out we hosted this Saturday.

To recap, we:

  • poured a new layer of concrete
  • poured concrete for a new step into the alley way
  • patched a punch of holes on the wall, and one on the back of the house
  • scrapped three layers of old paint off of the concrete block wall
  • repainted the wall and the step that leads into the house
  • bought new patio furniture and planters to brighten up the space

Considering that this was our very 1st house project, we both feel pretty accomplished.  Not to mention we were proud to show off our handiwork to 40 of our closest friends yesterday!

Patio Project (AKA Do We Really Know What We’re Doing?)

The answer, as it turns out, is YES, yes we know what we’re doing.  I have to admit that I was very excited for this project to revamp our little postage stamp patio as we’ve owned the house since June 2010 and this is our first real home improvement/DIY/fixer-upper project.

To refresh your memory, here’s what our patio looked like BEFORE:

needs some work

So you may notice that this patio is super-duper small.  In fact, the entire thing is about 4.5 feet by 18 feet.  We don’t have a lot of space to work with due to the little addition on the back of our house (right hand side of picture) which serves as our laundry/mud/storage room.  But we knew that something had to be done about the sorry state of the patio floor and wall.

A few weekends ago we set out to patch a few holes and put down a new layer of concrete on the patio with the help of my awesome Dad and sister Nicole.

Trey, learning the meaning of sweat equity

We started at 9 am, mixing concrete in the alleyway behind our house.  First we patched a hole in the wall, and then another larger crack in the wall, before putting down a layer of concrete about 3/4 inch thick.


We were finished just in time for lunch (after a quick trip to the Ace Hardware store down the street when we ran out of concrete mix and needed to pick up a couple extra bags) and overall I thought the immediate improvement was amazing!


And of course, because we are huge dorks:

Overall getting this done was a huge immediate improvement to our little backyard space.  Now we’re working on Part 2 of this project: removing the old layers of paint from the concrete block wall and repainting.  Stay tuned for a future blog post about that fun process.