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2011, favorite photographs

Being in a household with 2 digital cameras, an iPhone and an iPad, I try to capture images throughout the year of what my life looks like- and I try very, very hard to make sure 90% of the photos I take AREN’T of the cats.

Here are some of my favorite images taken throughout this past year:


From Top to Bottom and Left to Right:

Trey mixing concrete for our patio renovation (more on that here and here)

Us watching the 4th of July Fireworks from Federal Hill Park in Baltimore

Kiwi and Max (more about them here)

A view of Florence from the Boboli Gardens (all about our honeymoon trip)

Us, dancing at our wedding

Us just after our ceremony

Self-portrait from Florence

Me and my friend Erin at Trey’s surprise birthday party in June

Trey found a snake while we were cleaning up a stream in November (which of course led to us singing this song– apologies in advance for any earworms)


Dental Adventures!

I haven’t posted in a while because all of a sudden, real life became a whirlwind.

A few days after my last blog post, my wisdom tooth on my lower right hand side starting aching like nobody’s business.  And since I don’t have dental insurance, I stubbornly ignored it while heavily dosing myself with ibuprofen for a day or so.  Finally I caved and went to the urgent care clinic at the local dental school.  An infection had set in, so I was prescribed penicillin and painkillers and my tooth is scheduled to be removing on July 14th.

Thankfully, the penicillin completely killed the infection within a few days, which almost instantly got rid of the pain.  Now I am just waiting another week for the actual extraction/oral surgery to be performed.

In the meantime, a few other big things have happened!:

  1. My wedding dress arrived and is now happily living in my parents’ hall closet.
  2. We purchased my jewelry for the wedding, my shoes are currently in the process of being dyed bright purple, and I just found out that I won a beautiful hair flower by TruLu Couture that Lizzie was giving away on her blog– so my wedding day outfit is complete!
  3. I celebrated my 26th birthday, multiple times, with multiple people.  Various celebrations included but were not limited to: steamed crabs, strawberry cake, and an afternoon in a pool. All in all, a good time was had by all.